45th Anniversary 10-Attraction Package (Update 7)

Air conditioning has been installed in Sidewinder’s queue line.

Boot Scootin’ has been installed on its ride pad and looks all but ready to go.


Crews are still working to complete Batwing’s queue area.

Much of the main structure for Crazy Legs has now been installed onto the hub.

The ride cars are still awaiting installation.


The installation of Cloud Bouncer has quickly progressed since was last checked in on this area.

Caddo Lake Barge has been installed onto its ride pad.

Much of the load/unload deck for Caddo Lake Barge is now complete.

Building structures are beginning to pop up over Rodeo’s construction wall.


A closer look at the Boot Scootin’ installation.

More structure has gone up around El Sombrero’s new queue area.


The top portion of El Sombrero, where riders are seated, has been installed.