45th Anniversary 10-Attraction Package (Update 6), Turbo Bungy/Rockwall Removal


The Turbo Bungy attraction, located in Tower, has been completely removed.


The Rockwall attraction, also located in Tower, has been removed.

Progress continues on Caddo Lake Barge. The load/unload deck and operator booth are progressing.


The concrete pad for Crazy Legs has been poured.

This future building will house components of the Gotham City Spray Ground.

Another look at the progress of Batwing’s queue line.

The load/unload deck for Batwing has been completed and stained.


The new queue house for El Sombrero has been repainted.

Crews are working on future railing pieces for El Sombrero’s entrance and exit pathways.


El Sombrero’s perimeter fence has also been painted.

Lighting has been installed in Sidewinder’s queue line.


The pad for Caddo Lake Barge has been poured as well.