Fright Fest officially began in 1989 at Six Flags Over Texas and expanded to several other parks within the Six Flags chain in the seasons to follow. Six Flags spent many seasons in the 1970s and 1980s testing out Halloween-themed events and finally came up with Fright Fest. The event has always had haunted houses and other related live entertainment. In 1999, the Six Flags chain had a series of haunted houses themed around Alice Cooper. Some Six Flags parks had other popular themed houses as well. However, as of 2017, all haunted houses are specially themed by each park.

One staple of Six Flags Over Texas is the show Welcome to Arania's Nightmare. Showing for over 20 years in the David Blackburn Southern Palace Theatre, this show has almost become a cult classic and yearly expectation to park guests. Today, Six Flags Over Texas boasts many scare zones, haunted houses, and live entertainment.

Live Entertainment

Six Flags Over Texas has always had an abundance of live entertainment during their Fright Fest event, many running for quite a long period of time. Howl, a rock show, ran in the park for over a decade before ending a few seasons ago. Listed below were the live entertainment offerings for 2018:

Haunted Houses

Haunted houses have been a Fright Fest staple since the first season of the event in 1989. The park provides a handful of houses with a wide array of different themes and scares. Here was the 2018 haunted house line-up:

Scare Zones

Scare zones initially disappeared for a few seasons but started phasing back into the park. These designated areas of the park are safe for nobody as monsters roam with the intention to scare those who enter. Here's a look at what the park offered in 2018:

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