42 Inches (None w/Adult)
Lapbar Restraints
Low Thrill

Opened: 1965
Ride Type: Trabant
Riders Per Seat: 2
Ride Manufacturer: Chance Rides

El Sombrero is relocated to the old patio area of Bandera's Resturante in Mexico.

Moving Around

When El Sombrero was added to the park in 1965, it took over the former site of La Cucaracha, a roller coaster that had a short occupancy at the park. Shortly after, the hat ride was moved to the Spain section of the park in the current location of La Fiesta de las Tazas.

In 2006, El Sombrero found yet another new home. For the park's 45th anniversary ten new rides were added to the park. With the addition of La Fiesta de las Tazas, El Sombrero found it's way back into the Mexico section of the park and still stands there today.

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