El Diablo (Update 4), Aquaman Splashdown (Update 1) & Gold River Adventure (Update 1)

Pumps at Aquaman Splashdown are now being completely removed.

All signage has been removed from the entrance of Aquaman Splashdown.

El Diablo is now vertical. The attraction peaks over the Texas area skyline.

El Diablo stands at 100 feet tall in the park’s Spain section.

El Diablo’s train has also been installed.

Crews were working on El Diablo throughout the day.

A look at El Diablo’s support structure and foundation.

A different angle of El Diablo from the porch of Rancho de Pollo.

El Diablo towers over Conquistador and other Spain attractions.

No queue line or other related construction has taken place yet.

El Diablo as seen from La Vibora’s exit pathway.

Many seats on El Diablo face each other for a unique, interactive ride experience.

Gold River Adventure signage has been completely removed from the ride’s entrance.