48 Inches
Over-the-Shoulder Restraints
High Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction
Single Rider Line

Opened May 28, 2019
Ride Type Giga Loop
Ride Height 100 Feet
Inversions 6
Riders Per Cycle 32
Manufacturer Larson International
Ride Colors Red, Orange & Black

Quiet Ride, Weather Procedures

El Diablo is much quieter than many other related Larson Loop attractions because the attraction features a different drive system. Irvine Ondrey, a company who has worked on many RMC attractions, like Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster at Fiesta Texas, supplied El Diablo’s control system.

At the park on a rainy day? You may notice El Diablo hanging upside down while inclement weather passes through! Though this phenomenon is unique, Six Flags Over Texas parks the attraction in the upside down position by design. This method speeds up the drying process for El Diablo’s drive system, enabling crews to reopen the attraction quicker to riders.

Mardi Gras Hangover located at Six Flags Great America.  Credit: Kenosha News

Mardi Gras Hangover located at Six Flags Great America.
Credit: Kenosha News

The Tallest, A Change in Plans

El Diablo is the tallest ride of its kind, standing 100 feet tall. El Diablo, however, shares this record-breaking stat with one other attraction! Mardi Gras Hangover at Six Flags Great America, also a Larson Giga Loop attraction, stands 100 feet tall as well. Great America’s version of the attraction opened during their 2018 season.

El Diablo was originally supposed to be named Lone Star Revolution when announced in 2018. However, in January 2019, the park announced that the ride would be renamed El Diablo and call the park’s Spain section home. The original announcement suggested that the attraction would have been installed in the Tower section prior to the change in plans.

Ride History


  • Prior to the ride’s opening, Six Flags Over Texas announces that Lone Star Revolution will now be named El Diablo and constructed in the park’s Spain section.

Construction Updates

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