Gotham City
54 Inches (77 Inches Max)
Over-the-Shoulder Restraints
High Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction
Single Rider Line

Opened July 14, 2018
Ride Type Tourbillon
Maximum Height 70 Feet
Riders Per Cycle 24
Riders Per Hour 720-910
Maximum G-Forces 3.5
Rotation Speed 4 to 12 RPM
Manufacturer ABC Rides
Ride Colors Red, Black, & White

Second Installment

Harley Quinn Spinsanity is actually the second-ever installment of this type of attraction in the United States. The first installment of this ride is located at Six Flags Great Adventure. Their Tourbillon, named Cyborg Cyber Spin, opened one month prior to Harley Quinn Spinsanity.

Cyborg Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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