El Diablo (Update 3) & Chop Six

A new coat of paint has been added to the future home of Chop Six.

Kitchen equipment is now on-site and awaiting installation inside of Chop Six.

New roll-up windows have been installed to Chop Six. New picnic tables have also arrived.

Footers for El Diablo have been installed in the park’s Spain area.

Hardware has also been installed onto the footers.

This shot show’s the ride’s proximity to El Aserradero Flume 2 and other Spain attractions.

El Diablo’s ride pad reaches over towards the final brake run of La Vibora.

The other end of El Diablo’s ride pad extends towards the patio of Rancho de Pollo.

The ride footprint is also close in proximity to El Aserradero’s Flume 2 exit.