Lone Star Theatre Demolition, El Diablo (Update 7) & More

Crews installing shade structures at El Diablo’s queue line.

The queue area features stone work and lamps that fit in with the Spain area.

A closer look at new El Diablo lighting fixtures.

Crews are currently constructing pathways leading to and from the main ride platform.

Lots of work still remains in and around the ride area.

More pathways are being constructed on the other side of El Diablo.

A closer look at the new lighting fixtures and elevated pathway being constructed.

The bottom level of queue extends to El Aserradero Flume 2.

Work has quickly progressed on the removal of Lone Star Theatre in the park’s Texas section.

Many pieces of the demolished Lone Star Theatre structure still have to be removed.

No official details have been announced in regards to the future of this site.

The hand-painted signage outside of the El Mercado de la Plaza gift shop has been redone.