Indoor Theatre
Bench Seating

Demolition & Removal

Lone Star Theatre was demolished and removed from the park in May of 2019. The venue itself, however, did not house any type of production since the 2014 season. The last show to take place inside Lone Star Theatre was Deck the Halls during Holiday in the Park.

Cinesphere Chevy Show

A look at the Chevy Show during its last year of operation in 1984. Credit: Six Flags Archives

From 1969 to 1984, Chevrolet had a feature at Six Flags Over Texas called the Cinesphere Chevy Show. This advanced technology gave guests an IMAX-type of experience in which they enjoyed a video feature that played on a 180-degree curved screen. While outside, guests could view current cars from the Chevrolet line-up. Once this attraction left the park, the venue became the Lone Star Theatre. Much of the venue looked the same from the outside, besides a different paint job, during its time as Lone Star Theatre.

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