El Diablo (Update 6), Gold River Adventure (Update 2) & Aquaman Splashdown (Update 3)

A quick look over the construction fence, near the entrance of Conquistador, at El Diablo.

El Diablo will feature an LED lighting package.

Additional footers, with electrical ran, have been installed near El Diablo. This is likely an entrance/exit area to the attraction.

An additional footer has been poured near El Aserradero Flume 2.

The operator panel has been installed at El Diablo.

Numerous footers and posts have been installed at El Diablo. These are likely for the ride’s queue and a shade structure.

The ride’s train was covered up, likely to keep from getting dirty/damaged, during our visit to the park.

An overall look at the back side of the ride area.

A look at El Diablo from the Oil Derrick.

Gold River Adventure signage has been covered up with this Flash Pass advertisement.

Mentions of the Looney Tunes, including Bugs Bunny in the watch tower and “ACME” logos on boxes, has been removed from the outside areas of Gold River Adventure.

The tops of lamp posts from Aquaman Splashdown’s exit bridge have been removed.

Another look at the removal of Aquaman logos and signage from the ride’s station.