No Height Requirement
No Restraints
Low Thrill

Opened May 24, 1969
Ride Type Observation Tower
Ride Height 300 Feet
Observation Deck Heights 267 Feet, 255 Feet
Manufacturer Intamin
Ride Color Orange

Oil Derrick once featured a multi-lane slide.

Tower Slides

When Oil Derrick opened in 1969, it featured a 12-lane covered slide. The slides connected to the Oil Derrick's first level at approximately 47 feet tall.

The slide feature only lasted until 1975 when it was disassembled from the side of the Oil Derrick structure. Take a look at Oil Derrick next time you visit the park. The first level of railing is where guests boarded the slides.

Crews constructing Oil Derrick prior to its opening in 1969.
Credit: Six Flags Archives

Special Events

In the early years of Fright Fest, a huge inflatable gorilla could be seen climbing up the side of the Oil Derrick. The gorilla was eventually replaced by a spider that had the same effect. In recent years, Oil Derrick has not had any Fright Fest decor but the ride has stayed operational instead of being closed.

For Holiday in the Park, Oil Derrick sports a huge star that sits in front of its observation decks. After the removal of Texas Chute Out, Oil Derrick took on the job of also dressing up like a light strand Christmas tree.

Ride History


  • Oil Derrick is open to the public after two years of elevator rehabilitation.


  • Oil Derrick receives a paint job.


  • Oil Derrick receives a paint job.

  • The attraction is closed all season while its elevator system is rehabilitated.

Construction Updates

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