El Diablo (Update 1) & New Dining Locations

An overall look at the upcoming Chop Six dining location.

Work has begun on upgrading the ordering windows for Chop Six.

Signage for Chop Six has already been placed.

Major work still needs to take place within Chop Six’s kitchen.

A new window has been added for Chop Six. This will likely be a mobile order pick-up area.

The Texas Gifts location in Texas appears to be undergoing work. The location was turned into an arcade last season. However, the arcade was damaged in the September 2018 flood. It appears that no remnants of the arcade remain.

Merchandise can be seen inside Texas Gifts. It is currently unclear if the location will reopen as a gift shop or is just being used as storage.

Signage has been placed at the all-new Smith Street Ice Cream Parlor. Located in Old South, the parlor was formerly a Cold Stone Limited and the Cozy Cafe during last year’s Holiday in the Park.

Another angle of the new Smith Street Ice Cream Parlor. The location will serve Blue Bell ice cream products and feature a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine for season drink bottle refills.

The Spain area behind Rancho de Pollo is currently closed off with the construction of El Diablo.

The photo booth for El Aserradero has been relocated, at least for the time being, in order to make way for El Diablo.

Dirt has begun to move at the future home of El Diablo.

A look at the main entrance to Spain shows the whole area blocked off for construction.

Pieces of the all-new El Diablo attraction have arrived in the park’s parking lot.