42 Inches (None w/Adult)
Medium Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Opened: 1963 (Flume 1), 1968 (Flume 2)
Ride Type: Log Flume
Ride Height: 30 Feet
Maximum Speed: 15 MPH
Riders Per Log: 5
Ride Manufacturer: Arrow Development

Renamed back to El Aserradero (original name) from The Ozarka Splash.

Crews constructing Flume 1 prior to its opening in 1963. Credit: Six Flags Archives

The First-Ever, Doubling Up

When Flume 1 of El Aserradero opened in 1963 it was the very first log flume ride in the world. Quite popular to guests, Six Flags Over Texas decided that it would be wise to build a second flume. Flume 2 of El Aserradero opened in 1968.

Each flume was themed around the idea of a saw mill. Flume 1 had a character named Snidley Whiplash sitting on top of lift 1 sawing through a log. On flume 2, the final large drop was enclosed in a tunnel. Though this theming has been removed today, the rides are still an exciting part of history.

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