45th Anniversary 10-Attraction Package (Update 10)

Caddo Lake Barge signage has been installed.

Landscape work has also happened around the Caddo Lake Barge ride area.


All cars have been installed on Crazy Legs.

A look at the Crazy Legs control panel.

A shade structure has been added to the Crazy Legs queue line.

Signage has also been erected near the entrance to Crazy Legs.


Another look at Crazy Legs’ ride cars.

The center section of Batwing appears to be complete.

This area near Mr. Freeze will house components of the new Gotham City Spray Ground.

The Gotham City Spray Ground main structure has gone up quickly.

Floor fountains at Gotham City Spray Ground are also being installed.


Another look at the Spray Ground structure.

Signage for Batwing has been installed.

The center section of Cloud Bouncer appears to be complete.

A look at the Cloud Bouncer control panel.

Cloud Bouncer signage has been erected at the ride’s main entrance.

Much of the main structure of ACME Rock-N-Rocket is quickly going up.

A down arrow has been installed on the outside of USA Gifts. This shop will likely feature apparel related to ACME Rock-N-Rocket when it reopens.


The load/unload platform for Rodeo has now been installed.


Some building structures surrounding Rodeo are not yet complete.

A closer look at one of Rodeo’s cars.

Rodeo signage has also been erected.