45th Anniversary 10-Attraction Package (Update 9)

Pieces of La Fiesta de las Tazas have arrived in the parking lot.

Installation of Rodeo in the Texas section has officially begun.

Rodeo will also feature an indoor queue area.

Many pieces of Rodeo still await installation.

Caddo Lake Barge has been repainted from the ride’s original look.

A look at Caddo Lake Barge’s entrance and exit pathways.


Another look at Caddo Lake Barge’s new paint job.


Construction walls have been removed from the Cloud Bouncer ride area.

Center panel coverings still need to be installed on the attraction.

A quick look at Cloud Bouncer’s operator panel.


Construction begins on Batwing’s operator panel.

Progress continues on the Gotham City Spray Ground.


Gotham City Spray Ground will feature fountains that come out of the ground.

The queue line for Batwing appears to be complete.

Batwing has also been installed on its ride pad.

Batwing’s center section still awaits some installation.

Construction walls have been removed from the Crazy Legs construction area.

One car has been installed on Crazy Legs.

The queue area for Crazy Legs is also in the early stages of construction. The ride operator panel can also be seen.


Another look at Batwing’s ride vehicles.


Batwing is topped off with the Batman logo.

An overall look at Batwing.

The entrance signage for La Fiesta de Las Tazas has been painted.