Then: Circa 1970s

Now: 2018

Fletcher's State Fair Corny Dogs once called Six Flags Over Texas home in what appears to be the 1970s (based off fashion alone). Fletcher's is considered the original corny dog of the State Fair of Texas and still serves the fair to this day. As you can see, this part of the park has not changed much from then to now. The Johnson Creek train station still stands, the trees have only matured, and the main structure of this food building has mostly stayed the same. One noticeable difference is that Fletcher's had an indoor serving counter and Bubba's is simply a walk-up outdoor counter today. This was likely done to help with the size and efficiency of the kitchen. The same covered seating area and fire hydrant exist in their original locations and even some of the original floor in front of the restaurant still exists. Want a corn dog today? You'll have to go to Newman's Cafe all the way in the Tower section to find one of those!

Mini Mine Train

Then: 1969

Now: 2018

Mini Mine Train is one of the park's original roller coasters still in operation today. This attraction was a response to the Runaway Mine Train and intended for guests who didn't want such a high-thrill experience. Though the ride was re-profiled with the addition of Mr. Freeze in 1997, the station area is still quite the same. The current coaster trains even still closely resemble those of the past. Notice that much of the foliage is now gone and a higher fence is present (which made this picture angle difficult to achieve). The line isn't quite as long but the ride is still a great thrill to those who are beginner roller coaster enthusiasts.

Amphitheater/Southern Palace Theatre

Then: Mid-1960s

Now: 2018

This one may be a bit harder to believe...from 1961 up until 1968 Southern Palace Theatre, then known simply at the Amphitheater, was the park's main OUTDOOR performance venue. After the popularity of live entertainment Six Flags decided to remodel the Amphitheater into an indoor performance venue and Southern Palace Theatre was born. The next time you are in Southern Palace Theatre make sure to take a look at the steps and bench seating as they are original to the structure's 1961 construction.


Then: Pre-1961

Now: 2018

Construction images of Six Flags Over Texas are always astounding and interesting. This image is no different. The "then" photo was taken prior to the park's 1961 opening and shows just how much of this area has not changed. To the right you can see the entrance to Casa Magnetica in both photos (an attraction that no longer operates in the park). The Sugar Shack and end building look virtually untouched, minus the change of paint colors. The windows and doorway emblems are mostly untouched, though the building's roof line has changed. Even the flower bed near the center of the picture is original. Years and layers of blacktop have shortened its height. Make sure to take a look next time you are walking through the Texas section as much of this area stays mostly untouched in current day.

Plantation House/JB's Smokehouse BBQ

Then: Circa 1960s

Now: 2018

Perhaps one of the most discussed former restaurants at Six Flags Over Texas is the Plantation House. This food location served up fresh fried chicken and was a hit among guests. Unfortunately, throughout the years, Plantation House has been a few different restaurants. Currently, the restaurant is JB's Smokehouse BBQ. The restaurant no longer serves fried chicken. Instead, guests can try one of the barbecue or hamburger options. Some changes have taken place to the building over time. The chimney stack is different and the front of the building was added onto at some point. JB's now also has a huge outdoor eating area to the left of the building as indoor seating is limited.