Shipping Information Points to Mack PowerSplash for 2020

Earlier today, shipping information was retrieved that stated Mack, a popular amusement ride manufacturer, is shipping parts to Six Flags Over Texas from overseas. As seen above, many important pieces of information are listed, including the supplier and buyer. It is also important to note that this record is just over a month old, putting this new potential project in line for a 2020 unveiling.

A second screen shot, found within U.S. Customs records for Six Flags Over Texas, states that the park will be receiving partial delivery of “Power Splash” parts within this shipment.

Above is a more detailed look at the U.S. Customs record for this June 10 bill of lading. Under the commodity section, the “Power Splash” name comes up a second time. Mack Rides and Six Flags Over Texas are also clearly labeled as the “shipper” and “receiver” of said contents.

The video above, from the official Mack Rides YouTube channel, shows off a PowerSplash installation that was recently added to Walibi Belgium.

What do you think? Will Six Flags Over Texas be installing this multi-million dollar attraction to the former Aquaman Splashdown site? Let us know in the comments below!