Tony Hawk's Big Spin (Update 1)

Much of the beginning portion of Tony Hawk’s Big Spin has been completed.

S7300215 copy.jpg

A look at the lift hill and first drop.

S7300217 copy.jpg

Crews have begun constructing the ride’s station structure.

S7300218 copy.jpg

The back side of the attraction still has a lot of work to go.

Construction crews were hard at work on this day.

Crews bolting ride pieces together.

Track and support pieces sit on the ground awaiting installation.

The ride is creeping up over the Boomtown skyline.

Another angle of station construction.

The bottom portion of the lift hill still needs to be installed.

S7300231 copy.jpg
S7300233 copy.jpg

A number of supports awaiting track pieces.

The upper levels of the ride are mostly installed.

S7300237 copy.jpg
S7300245 copy.jpg

An overall shot of Tony Hawk’s Big Spin from the park’s USA section.