Aquaman Splashdown (Update 5), Gold River Adventure (Update 3)

A wall has now been put up at the entrance of Yosemite Sam & the Gold River Adventure.

These new walls extend down various parts of the ride’s queue line.

New walls have also been placed around the ride’s station.

A final wall has been placed at the ride’s exit.

Many retro banners have been placed around the construction perimeter of Aquaman Splashdown. This one features Cyrus Cosmo, a former mascot of the park. Cyrus was the “inventor” of many new attractions at the park during his tenure.

A second retro banner features the Speelunkers, which called The Cave home prior to Gold River Adventure’s installation in the early 1990s.

The station for Aquaman Splashdown has been completely demolished.

The exit bridge, which also served as the ride’s splash zone, has also been completely removed.