Built in 1962, the Chaparral Antique Cars are the second-oldest continuously-operating attraction in the park. Though much has changed with these cars, many details remain the same. Unfortunately, we were not able to get an exact angle on the "today" shot as that would put us in a restricted area. As you can see, the tops have been removed from the cars and their direction of travel has flipped. The queue house, however, is still the same as well as the queue line railing. It even appears that the tree on the right-hand side of the "then" photo is possible the same as the one in the "today" photo found in the same spot. If you observe close enough, the train's water tower is also still standing tall in the background.

France is one of the more interesting areas of the park. It is mostly a walk-through area with not much to do. Pierre's Treasures was a shop in the park that existed in the 1960's and most likely onward. Today, though, this location is home to a face painting station. The buildings are shaped nearly the same but it is possible that they are, in fact, not the same. We are certain that their location is the same based off of old park maps as well as the stone wall seen in the background of each photo. "Then" Photo Credit: Ken Martinez

The Crazy Horse Saloon is one of the few original structures inside the park that has not gone through an extensive transformation. Seen above, the awning over the door remains the same as well as the seen windows. The park has even kept the signage, though now only Coca-Cola is represented. The main sign near the top has changed and the paint scheme has been updated throughout the years. One major change we noticed is to the porch area on the left-hand side of each image. Back then, steps led you directly into the venue. Today, a larger concrete platform has been constructed. This is to likely keep up with current-day accessability laws.

The Krofft Puppet Theatre, now known as The Majestic Theatre, has gone through quite a transformation over the years. Originally constructed in 1968, the Krofft Puppet Theatre was built to show puppet shows produced by Sid and Marty Krofft. Over the years the theatre has had a couple of transformations. This is what Majestic Theatre looks like today. Some aspects are still similar to the original design. The entrances to the venue can be found in the same spots on each side of the building. A square flower bed on the left-hand side of each photograph is still present. If you look closely at the theatre the next time you are at the park, the two other square flower beds have been replaced with brick work in the ground.

Perhaps one of the most controversial attractions in Six Flags Over Texas history was The Speelunker Cave. Originally built in 1964, The Cave made the park it's home up until 1991. At this time, the Speelunkers were removed and the Looney Tunes moved in. To this day the Speelunkers are still popular topics of conversation. The old Cave entrance is not actually an entrance to the Gold River Adventure. It has been blocked off. However, you can still see many reminders of the old Cave entrance. Look closely at the rock formations and you will find many matches. Even the tree on the left-hand side of the "Then" photo still exists today. "Then" Photo Credit: Davis McCown