Ice Cream Palace

The Ice Cream Palace has gone through quite the transformation over the years. While the general building is shaped the same, the overall facade has been given many modifications. The windows, which once stretched to the floor, now are cut down. The windows still share the same style as before. The side of the building was expanded, likely to give an indoor area for guests to enjoy ice cream. The outdoor flooring has changed but the perimeter stays the same.


France still holds a similar look all this time later. The fort seen to the left still stands, though the styling throughout the years has changed a bit. The back fence line still remains as well as a cannon from the original theming. The mast, seen prominently in the "then" photo, also still stands but is hidden behind the foliage. While France was once a more popular area, nowadays this area is a quaint walk-through located at the center of the park.

Silver Star Mall

Not much remains the same in Silver Star Mall. The flag poles shown in the "then" photo still exist and are hidden behind the park's large trees. The fence line in the "then" photo is now completely covered by bushes and other foliage. The Silver Star Carousel now serves as the main back drop. The back fountains still have semblance in the park as they surround the front area of the Carousel. The center has also been completely closed off and given it's own water feature. The expected attire has also certainly changed with the times.

Old South

This area of the park looks quite a bit the same, minus the AstroLift zooming above. The buildings are quite the same, with minor cosmetic modifications as times have passed. The light post in the pathway no longer exists. The building colors have changed. Take a look at how the foliage has taken over and created great shaded areas.

Historical Press

Six Flags Over Texas used to have a Historical Press Bookshop located in the Old South section. This comparison made us do a double take. The buildings are the same "shape" but there are many features that would make you wonder if it is actually the same. We narrowed it down to a few distinguishable similarities. The lamp post to the left still exists, though covered in webbing in our "now" picture. The double doors are still the exact same design, though different colors. The lighting fixtures under the porch and on the right side of the building are in the same locations. Differences include the right side door expansion and the removal of the top windows and chimney. The trees in the front also remain, though now quite large.