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Opened 1989
Closed September 3, 2012
Ride Type Steel Boomerang Coaster
Ride Height 117 Feet
Drop Height 100 Feet
Track Length 935 Feet
Maximum Speed 47 MPH
Inversions 6
Maximum G-Forces 3 G
Trains 1
Cars Per Train 7
Riders Per Car 4
Ride Manufacturer Vekoma
Train Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Track Color Coral Red
Support Color Teal

Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis. Credit: Six Flags


Flashback! sent riders through its 6 inversions one last time on September 3rd, 2012. Soon after, the ride was carefully dismantled and moved to the state of Missouri. On June 8th, 2013, less than a year after its final cycle at Six Flags Over Texas, the roller coaster reopened at Six Flags St. Louis.

An aerial view of Flashback! and Texas Chute Out prior to their removal in 2012. Credit: NewsPlusNotes

A Theme Park Staple

The Boomerang roller coaster model is actually quite popular around the world. 52 of these same exact models have been installed! One of these roller coasters is even located in the same state at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, though their model was constructed in 1999. Five models are still operating at Six Flags parks across the country as of 2018.

Ride History


  • Flashback! receives a new paint job: coral red track and teal supports.


  • Flashback! receives a train from the Vampire roller coaster at Kentucky Kingdom.

Construction Updates

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