Goodtimes Square
54 Inches (42 Inches w/Adult)
Seatbelt Restraints
Medium Thrill

Opened 1973
Closed 2007
Ride Type Bumper Cars
Riders Per Car 2
Manufacturer Soli
Ride Colors Various

The entrance to Bumper Cars can be seen on the left side of this photo, taken circa the late 1970s. Credit: Six Flags Archives

Good Time Square/Goodtimes Square

Bumper Cars were a staple to the park’s Goodtimes Square section. Added in 1973, this attraction was the longest-lasting ride found in this past park area. Though it changed names multiple times, Bumper Cars kept its classic charm. Two guests could climb aboard each car and drive around the oval layout bumping into other riders. In August of 2007 the ride was closed for good. The building that once housed Bumper Cars actually stood inside the park until 2016 when it was demolished for Catwoman Whip. The ride vehicles could even be seen inside one of the park’s fenced areas in 2016 as the ride’s main structure was being demolished.

Ride History

Early 1990s

  • Doc Snooker’s Infernal Bumping Machines is renamed Rockin’ Bumpers.

Late 1990s

  • Rockin’ Bumpers is renamed Bumper Cars.

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