48 Inches
Lapbar Restraints
High Thrill

Opening 2020
Ride Type Steel Launched Shuttle Coaster (PowerSplash)
Ride Height 148 Feet
Track Length 712 Feet
Maximum Speed 63 MPH
Cars 1
Riders Per Car 20
Ride Manufacturer Mack Rides
Track Color Teal
Support Color Blue

First-Ever in North America

When Aquaman: Power Wave debuts in 2020, it will be the first ride of its kind constructed in North America! Built by Mack Rides, this PowerSplash attraction will feature both forwards and backwards launches reaching top speeds of 63 miles per hour. The water coaster also includes two spikes that stand at 148 feet tall and send riders plummeting 90 degrees. After multiple launches in both directions of the attraction’s 712-foot track, Aquaman ends the journey with a huge splashdown.

Interesting Ride Mechanics

Water flow within this area of track is controlled by pumps.

Are you wondering how Aquaman: Power Wave avoids creating its splashdown until the final drop? The attraction is designed with a dam-like structure that surrounds the submerged piece of track. For most of the ride cycle, water is kept out of the track area. Moments before the splashdown is set to occur, water is rapidly released into the track area. While riders are unloading and unloading in the station, pumps remove water from this section of track to prepare for the next cycle. Aquaman: Power Wave also features three separate launches. Powered by reliable LSM (linear synchronous motor) technology, these forwards and backwards launches propel the ride unit to 63 miles per hour with more than 2,000 hps. This same technology can be found on a number of other Mack Rides attractions, including Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City and Slinky Dog Dash at WDW’s Hollywood Studios. This technology also eliminates wear and tear on the drive system!

Concept Art