48 Inches
Over-the-Shoulder/Lapbar Restraints
High Thrill

Opened June 16, 2006
Closed August 24, 2014
Ride Type Looping Starship
Maximum Height 84 Feet
Riders Per Cycle 50
Manufacturer Intamin AG
Ride Colors Red & Silver

The attraction as Looping Starship at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Six Flags Over Georgia

ACME Rock-n-Rocket came to Six Flags Over Texas in 2006 as part of a 10-attraction package. Perhaps the most thrilling and intense ride of the package, this attraction actually called Six Flags Over Georgia home prior to its installation. This wasn’t the first model of a Looping Starship attraction at Six Flags Over Georgia. The park added the Looping Starship to their park in 1985 (it was removed after one season as part of the Six Flags ride rotation program).

In 1989 a new Looping Starship, purchased from Canada, was installed at Six Flags Over Georgia. The park eventually removed the ride in 2005 to make way for their new Goliath steel hypercoaster, sending the attraction to its final home at Six Flags Over Texas. In the summer of 2014 the park began a full demolition of ACME Rock-n-Rocket to make way for the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction that opened in 2015.

Ride History


  • Looping Starship from Six Flags Over Georgia is installed at Six Flags Over Texas as ACME Rock-n-Rocket.

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