Welcome Back


In 2005, SFOT Source began as one of the most comprehensive, unofficial guides to Six Flags Over Texas that could be found on the internet. Unfortunately, we closed back in 2008. However, we are back with a completely revamped site and hope to add even more features to come. We welcome everyone!

Currently, all information about attractions, shows, etc. from our old website has been imported in and updated where needed. We also have incredibly up-to-date photos of all rides, attractions, shops, and entertainment venues. The goal is for this to grow more and more as the weeks and months pass on each season. We strive to provide a comprehensive "database" for dining out at the park as many, many things have changed since we've last been online. This has already began. You can find images, menu items, and other notable features of each restaurant on SFOT source. Our in-depth timeline of the park is in tact and we plan on adding the most recent years with the weeks to come as we gather accurate data.

What is to Come:

- Restoring our Past Park Maps page to the caliber that it once was on the previous site.

- Working on restoring our past SFOT Then & Now feature as well as adding brand new pieces.

- A complete mobile optimization of the site. This is currently in progress. However, the full site will still display just fine on your mobile device.

- More photos! Photos of rides, park events, live shows, etc.

- Other brand new special features, such as Dining Pass Reviews, in which we will review food options available on the Dining Plan.

- More in-depth information regarding special events. Currently, we have a special page dedicated to this year's Fright Fest that includes information, tips, and media. Our goal is to make this for other big events in the park, such as Holiday in the Park.

- A Frequently Asked Questions page that is significantly fueled by questions SFOT Source visitors have about the park.

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