General Information
USA (Bugs Bunny Boomtown)
36 Inches (54 Inches Max)
Seatbelt Restraints
Low Thrill

Ride Statistics
Opened: 2001
Ride Type: Mini Teacups
Ride Manufacturer: SBF/VISA Group

Ride History
• Looney Tunes USA becomes Bugs Bunny Boomtown and undergoes a major refurbishment and expansion.

Refurbishment & Expansion

In 2014, Looney Tunes USA was completely overhauled with new rides and an overall expansion of the area. With the expansion came the brand new name Bugs Bunny Boomtown.

The expansion featured the addition of 5 brand new kid's attractions, improvements to paint, sitting, and shaded areas, and also a much-needed expansion to the area's pathways.

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