Fright Fest 2018: What is New? What is Leaving?

Click the image for a FULL Fright Fest 2018 Guide!

Click the image for a FULL Fright Fest 2018 Guide!

Fright Fest is right around the corner (beginning September 22nd) and this edition of The Queue Blog will break down all the changes happening to the event. While a handful of new attractions are coming to Fright Fest this season, the event itself is actually slimming down on offerings.

New for 2018

Six Flags Over Texas is bringing in a whole new haunted house for 2018 as well as two refreshed scare zones for us to enjoy. Here's a look at the changes:

IMG_0152 (1).jpg

Hell Block 6

Visitors of Hell Block 6 are in for quite the treat. This new haunted house house features violent criminals, insane inmates, and everything in between. Can you escape? Can you even survive? This new haunted attraction is coming to the park's Gotham City section behind Harley Quinn Spinsanity.

IMG_0049 (1).jpg

Anarchy Unleashed

The prisoners of Hell Block 6 have escaped and are running wild through the streets of Gotham City. These escapees have been known to travel in packs and may "slide" right in when you least expect. This brand new scare zone is expected to be near both The Joker and Harley Quinn Spinsanity as it plays off of the brand new haunted house above. Anarchy Unleashed also looks to be a re-themed concept to the Goblin Attack Squad that debuted during last year's Fright Fest.

IMG_0139 (1).jpg

Squeal Long Pig

Beware as you walk the dark streets of Texas at night as you don't want to end up as someone's next meal. This all-new scare zone will be replacing Texas Scare-a-Tory near Gold River Adventure and looks to play off of the Piggy's Blood Shed haunted house nearby.


The Witching Hour

30 minutes prior to park closure the streets of Mexico and USA are no joke. Be on the lookout for all park-wide monsters as they attempt to create chaos on visiting guests.

Not Returning in 2018

While three new attractions are coming to the park for Fright Fest, there are more that will actually be leaving. The slimming down of attractions during Fright Fest, however, may not be a completely negative situation. In recent history, many scare zones around the park have been sparse on staffing, making them generally ineffective at scaring the average park guest.


Bio-Mech Sector

This scare zone was located right at the front gate of the park and carried a steampunk theme. This is one of multiple scare zones that will not be returning for 2018.

Boomtown Terror

Boomtown Terror was a scare zone located in the park's Boomtown section near Gunslinger. The zone carried a theme of miners that were trapped and killed. They then came "back" to the park to terrorize during Fright Fest. The scare zone actually only lasted a couple of seasons.


Los Chupacabras

Los Chupacabras was a scare zone located near the borders of the park's Mexico and Texas sections. This spanish-themed zone featured human-sized chupacabras and other scary companions. This short-lived scare zone only lasted in the park for one season.


Texas Scare-a-Tory

This scare zone was located in the Texas section near Gold River Adventure. The zone featured cowboy and Texas-themed monsters and an incredibly dark setting that made this one of the better scare zones in the park. The all-new Squeal Long Pig will be taking its place and we hope the new zone can live up to the same great ambiance.

Returning in 2018

Many fan-favorites and great attractions will be returning to Fright Fest for the 2018 season. Here's a look at the line-up:

Live Shows

Welcome to Arania's Nightmare

Welcome to Arania's Nightmare

Welcome to Arania's Nightmare - This classic fan-favorite will be returning to the Southern Palace Theatre. The show is based around Arania, the black widow bride, looking for her new husband after all the others have mysteriously died.

Dead Man's Party - This high-energy dance show will be making its return to both the Silver Star Carousel Stage and the Gotham City Stage this season.

The Awakening - This feature returns nightly to the Silver Star Carousel Stage. All scare zone monsters (plus some) are awakened and sent out into the crowds, putting the "Fright" into Fright Fest. We expect to potentially see a few changes made to this production.

WBAT Fright Time Radio Remote & Final Challenge - Join the crew of 1313 WBAT as they play the most exciting Halloween hits. Make sure to stick around for the trivia and games as you may walk away with a great prize.

Six Flags Dead & Local - Six Flags Dead & Local is a concert series that takes place on select dates during Fright Fest. Catch your favorite local bands playing live inside the park! 

Haunted Houses

Blackout - Completely engulfed in darkness, Blackout returns to the Gotham City section. Guests must feel their way out of this one!

Cadaver Hall Morgue - This house returns to Texas Arena in the Tower section. This intense house features a morgue/hospital-like setting with demonic doctors and patients.

Cirkus Berzerkus - Perhaps one of our favorites, Cirkus Berzerkus is also returning to Texas Arena. This house is full of clowns and also features many 3D effects.

 Piggy's Blood Shed - One of the park's larger houses, Piggy's returns to the Texas section. This house is based off a human-like pig creature that owns a restaurant serving up human body parts.

Zombie Infestation - Zombie Infestation returns to the Texas section near Titan. Just as the title says: there are zombies everywhere inside this military-themed house.

Zombie Infestation

Zombie Infestation

Scare Zones

Voodoo Swamp

Voodoo Swamp

Freaktown Side Show - This scare zone returns to the USA section for 2018 and features many clowns and other circus-like figures.

Voodoo Swamp - Voodoo Swamp returns to the Tower section and is quite the engulfing scare zone as it features tons of foliage and great places for scare actors to hide.

2018 Guide

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