The Top 5 Places to Eat This Summer

Choosing a place to eat at Six Flags Over Texas can be somewhat overwhelming at times. Where is my Dining Pass accepted? Which restaurants are open? Do they have an inside, air-conditioned area on a hot day? Some of these big questions are constantly-changing variables that are hard to answer. However, we can answer many of them and also give you our recommendations for the best places to eat at the park this summer.

The following list contains full meals and snack options throughout the park. We've even narrowed everything down to being available on a Dining Pass (if you have one). Many of the in-park food options are the same. Tons of restaurants serve hamburgers, chicken strips, and nachos. However, there are a few hidden gems around the park that will provide you with a more unique and fulfilling dining experience if you are over the typical theme park food options.

5) Primo's Pizzeria/All American Cafe

Here's the thing about Primo's Pizzeria and All American they serve the most unique food options? Absolutely not. However, there is one thing these two places serve that nobody else in the park has...the Red Gold Meatball Hero! This delicious concoction is a meal item on your Dining Pass and comes with your choice of cheese bread or a side salad. What is great about the meatball sub? It is not made until you order it. This will add a little more wait time for your food but you are also guaranteed a fresh sandwich.

Another big advantage to eating at either Primo's Pizzeria or All American Cafe is the availability of indoor seating and covered outdoor seating. These are essential on particularly hot days. One big draw-back with this food selection: Primo's Pizzeria is closed quite often. However, you can bet on All American Cafe being open any time you visit the park.

Going with a group of family or friends and they want to eat something else? Don't worry about it! While Primo's only offers pizza options, All American Cafe actually has the widest selection of food options found in the whole park.

4) Oliver's Tavern

Oliver's Tavern is a brand new restaurant that opened at Six Flags Over Texas this season earlier in the Spring. We pick Oliver's based off the Dining Pass flexibility and the fact that it is another place to find unique food options. Oliver's provides a selection of cheesesteak options as well as tater tots. This is the only place in the park you can find tater tots! And they actually aren't bad at all. We've tried two of the cheesesteak options at this restaurant so far this year: The Texas Cheesesteak and the Classic Cheesesteak.

The Texas Cheeseteak is piled with topping such as jalapeno bottle caps and bbq sauce. This may be a bit overwhelming for some. We found this option to be okay but only if you like your food on the spicier side. A Classic Cheesesteak is just as it sounds...cheesesteak filling with some pepper/onion goodness. While the Texas Cheesesteak is on the Dining Pass be prepared to pay a $2 upcharge when you use your meal option. Many people do not like these upcharges. Personally, I think they are a great addition to the park because it expands your Dining Pass meal options for minimal extra costs. The Classic Cheesesteak does not require an upcharge and can be enjoyed using just a meal option on your Dining Pass. Both of these sandwiches also come with a side of pretty solid tater tots.

What else is great about Oliver's Tavern? They offer a plethora of snack options that include fried pickles and loaded tater tots. Both of these food items cannot be found anywhere else in the park. The restaurant also features indoor seating! If the indoor seating is full, don't worry...there is also a good amount of shaded outdoor seating available as well. This restaurant is also a bit off of the main park pathway through the Tower section. The multiple times we have walked past Oliver's this season we have noticed that there are not overwhelming crowds of people.

3) Miss Abby's

This next option is Miss Abby's in the Texas section. Do you have a guilty pleasure of sweet, super unhealthy foods? I certainly do...and Miss Abby's just happens to be my guilty pleasure at Six Flags Over Texas. If you have a Dining Pass, Miss Abby's provides a couple great snack items for you. Our two favorite options at Miss Abby's are the cookies and brownies. If you are wanting cookies, they do come in a 3-pack.  I appreciate the quantity but it gets very sugary very fast. However, the best part of ordering the 3-pack of cookies is that you get to choose the flavors. They have many common flavors you would expect: chocolate chip cookies, frosted sugar cookies, and more. Sometimes you'll also find a few special flavors.

The cookies aren't anything special in terms of their preparation and ingredients. They are simply pre-made forms put in an oven and baked. However, they are so incredibly delicious! It is the same way with the brownies. They are soft and full of flavor. If you decide that three cookies are too many, they come in a bag that is great for taking your food to-go if you want to enjoy once you've left the park. Miss Abby's is an indoor location. Please keep in mind that while the air-conditioning is great, there are a limited number of seats inside. Miss Abby's does feature other menu items such as cookie sandwiches and ice cream.

2) Casa de las Banderas

Our number two pick is actually a restaurant that debuted at the park in 2016. Casa de las Banderas, located in the park's Mexico section, is a somewhat typical establishment offering up your common nacho plates. However, there is one item at this restaurant that stands above the rest: the Southwestern Salad. The Southwestern Salad is a fresh, healthier food option featuring spring mix lettuce, fajita chicken, roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes, white cheese, and chipotle ranch dressing. Of course, if you don't want any of these items on the salad then just ask!

The portions you get on the Southwestern Salad are quite large as well. Even if you didn't have a Dining Pass you are getting a great deal at the price point in comparison to other options around the park. Of course, if you aren't in the mood for a salad, Casa de Las Banderas features many nacho creations as well as Dining Pass snack items. My favorite nacho plate outside of the salad are the Fajita Chicken Nachos. It keeps things a little bit on the lighter side, which is good for the hot temperatures and rides.

What else is great about Casa de Las Banderas? Well, for one, it features a large amount of indoor seating with some of the best air conditioning in the park. The inside of the restaurant also features televisions that are typically playing sports. The outside also features a bar with beer and wine-based cocktails. We've also seen a Jack & Coke machine pop up on our last visit, though it isn't operating yet. This may mark the beginning of liquor items being sold inside the park.

Is Casa de Las Banderas one of the better all-around restaurant options in the park? Maybe. The great air conditioning, televisions, and outdoor bar certainly put it near the top. Just keep in mind that your food options are a bit limited.

1) Texas Taco Bar

Number one on our list, and rightfully so, is the all-new Texas Taco Bar. The Texas Taco Bar took over the former Go Fresh Cafe location in the park's Texas section and opened in Spring of this season. This new restaurant brings a whole new line of food options to Six Flags Over Texas and it was desperately needed. I've tried multiple options on the menu and none of them have been bad. However, the shining star at Texas Taco Bar (nice rhyme) is the Street Taco Basket. My goodness, this may be the freshest food item I've ever had at Six Flags Over Texas...or any Six Flags park for that matter.

Looking at the menu above you can see that EVERY food item offered at Texas Taco Bar is part of their Dining Pass program. There are also NO upcharges to the items that are offered. When we tried the Street Taco Basket we went with the flour tortillas and chicken carnita. Other toppings included pico, cojita cheese, and lime. As I said far the freshest food item I've ever had at Six Flags Over Texas. What else was great about it? It was light in the sense that I could eat this meal and not feel bogged down in the summer sun or when riding attractions. The Best Brisket Taco Ever is a good runner-up to the Street Taco Basket. However, it is not as light of an option as it features a huge piece of fried bread. The Street Taco Basket does come with chips and salsa. Not exactly the freshest set of chips but I don't let it ruin the tacos.

The other great upside to Texas Taco Bar is the availability of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. The park has a somewhat difficult time keeping Coca-Cola Freestyle locations open, but with the addition of these machines you have a better chance of using them. I love the fact that these are self-operating machines and don't necessarily require you standing in food line for a refill. Texas Taco Bar does not have any indoor seating. However, the outdoor seating is shaded and is also away from all the hustle and bustle of the main pathways of the park.

What is the negative of the Texas Taco Bar? The restaurant seems to be plagued with a common Six Flags problem: it is closed a lot of the time! I've been to the park five times since Texas Taco Bar has opened. Two of those times the restaurant never opened. One of the times, a Saturday during summer operation may I add, the restaurant opened for an hour or two during off-peak meal times and closed quickly after.

If you are lucky enough to catch Texas Taco Bar when it is open, this is our number one recommendation for food this summer at the park!

Want to know more about other food options in the park?

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