Low Thrill

Opened: 1961
Ride Type: Railroad

Historical Pieces

The park has two historical trains that interchangeably circle the park on a daily basis. The red train (named that for it's paint scheme) was manufactured in 1897 by the Porter Company. The green train was manufactured in 1901 by Dickson Works of the American Locomotive company.

Both of these trains operated on the Enterprise Plantation and were used for hauling sugar cane up until the year 1945. 

In 1961, the Patout family leased both trains to the park for its opening season. 


Standing Alone

The Six Flags Railroad is the last attraction to exist from the park's opening season in 1961.

Up until the addition of Goodtimes Square in 1973, it was also the only operating train station on the park for guests.

The train's track layout outlines the original perimeters of the park from the 1961 season and is a great indicator of just how much the park has expanded over time.

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