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Opened: April 22, 1978
Ride Type: Looping Speedracer Coaster
Ride Height: 116 Feet
Drop Height: 110 Feet
Ride Length: 3,500 Feet
Maximum Speed: 60 MPH
Inversions: 2
Trains: 3
Cars Per Train: 7
Passengers Per Car: 4
Designer: Anton Schwarzkopf
Ride Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf
Track Color: Neon Green
Support Color: Blue

Shock Wave receives paint job: dark blue track & supports.

Shock Wave receives paint job: light blue track & supports.

Shock Wave receives paint job: silver track & dark blue supports.

Shock Wave receives paint job: white track & mustard yellow supports.

Shock Wave receives paint job: dark blue track & red supports.

Shock Wave receives paint job: neon green track & blue supports.

Shock Wave retrenched after flood, closed most of summer.

Shock Wave undergoes extensive rehab to both the track and supports.

Virtual reality is added to Shock Wave.

Virtual reality returned to Shock Wave with a mixed-reality concept.

Double Loop at Geauga Lake.

Breaking Records, Loop Debate

When Shock Wave opened in 1978, it was coined by Six Flags as the tallest, longest, fastest double loop roller coaster in the world.

During the 1990s a statistic began to swarm around the theme park industry claiming that Shock Wave was the first roller coaster to feature consecutive loops. In 1977, Geauga Lake added Double Loop to their park, which also featured consecutive loops in its ride layout (Geauga Lake and Double Loop no longer exist). Double Loop is, in fact, the first consecutive looping coaster in the world.

Shock Wave in the early 1990s. Credit: Six Flags Archives

Rehab for the Long Haul

In 2008, Six Flags Over Texas decided to take action to ensure that Shock wave would last for the long haul. The ride was closed and an extensive rehabilitation process took place on the ride's support and track structures.


Virtual Reality

In 2016, the Six Flags chain added a brand new VR roller coaster concept to many of their parks. Six Flags Over Texas and Shock Wave were given the brand new feature that spanned through both the summer and fall months. For summer, the VR experience was named New Revolution and themed itself around jet fighters.

During Fright Fest, the VR experience was shifted to Rage of the Gargoyles in which it carried some of the same summer theme but with the addition of gargoyles. The VR concept returns in 2017 and introduced mixed-reality technology. The theme is also brand new, entitled Galactic Attack.

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