General Information
Old South
48 Inches
Lapbar Restraints
Medium Thrill

Ride Statistics
Ride/Attraction Type: Standard Coaster
Track Type: Steel
Opened: 1996
Highest Point: 65 Feet
Ride Length: 1,500 Feet
Maximum Speed: 40 MPH
Number of Trains: 3
Number of Cars Per Train: 3
Passengers Per Car: 4
Designer: Ingenieur Büro Stengel GmbH
Manufacturer: Premier Rides

Past Attractions

Runaway Mountain actually occupies areas of two classic attractions from the park's past: Skull Island and Spinnaker.

When the ride was being constructed, advertisements from Six Flags themed Runaway Mountain under the same context as the old Skull Island attraction that once sat in it's spot.

Spinnaker, an Enterprise, lived around the current Runaway Mountain location up until 1995. The ride was later relocated to Fiesta Texas as Wagon Wheel, though it has since been removed.

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