Near Oil Derrick

48 Inches

36 Inches with Adult


High Thrill

Seatbelt Restraints

Flash Pass



• Opened: 1983

• Ride Type: River Rapids

• Riders Per Raft: 12

• Ride Manufacturer: Intamin

Ride History


• Roaring Rapids is renamed LaSalle's River Rapids and the entrance is moved to the France section.


• LaSalle's River Rapids is renamed Roaring Rapids and the entrance is moved back to the Tower section.

Did You Know?

02 La Salle River Adventure.jpg

LaSalle's River Boat Expedition, Theming Changes

From 1961 to 1982, Six Flags Over Texas had an attraction called LaSalle's River Boat Expedition. Riders would climb onto a small boat with a tour guide. The boat would guide riders down the "river" through a series of animatronic scenes.

The ride was later removed to make way for Roaring Rapids. However, Six Flags Over Texas did theme Roaring Rapids to the LaSalle's name. From 1995 to 1998 Roaring Rapids was named LaSalle's River Rapids and the entrance was actually over from the Tower section over to the France section. The old Rapids entrance in France can still be seen. The old River Rapids queue was used for a haunted house for a number of seasons but has since been left behind the scenes.

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