New Dining Pages, 40+ Park Images Added

New Dining Pages

We’ve recently added three brand new individual dining pages to our main Dining page here at SFOT Source. The main reason for the additions is because Dippin’ Dots stands at the park have expanded their features. In the past, these small stands simply served Dippin’ Dots ice cream and typically weren’t part of the Dining Pass nor did they feature other food and drink offerings. Now, however, these stands feature Dining Pass options (more than just Dippin’ Dots) as well as season drink bottle refills. Each page details menu offerings, special features, and even all available flavors of Dippin’ Dots ice cream. Please follow the image links below to check out these new additions to SFOT Source!

New Park Images

We are currently working on adding a large number of new in-park images throughout the 2019 season. Many of our images are three seasons old and some things around the park tend to change! While older pictures will always be available, we also want to make sure that up-to-date and exciting images are continuously added to SFOT Source. We’ve even added interior shots of the all-new Smith Street Ice Cream Parlor and newly-renovated Texas Gifts. Please follow the image links below to see new pictures.

Rides & Attractions

Dining & Shopping

Park Areas

Please note that many of the pages listed above have multiple brand new images.