2019 Dining Pass Options Updated, Other Special Features

All Dining pages for the restaurants and food stands located at Six Flags Over Texas have been updated with the 2019 Dining Pass offerings and other details. We’ve also added a few more special features to the Dining pages to help those who plan on eating at the park.

The Dining page features a quick listing of all restaurants and food stands at SFOT.

Six Flags Over Texas Dining

The main Dining page for Six Flags Over Texas features all significant restaurant and food locations found around the park. Divided up by their park areas, the main Dining page is a quick reference to important details, such as if the location has Dining Pass options, if you can refill your souvenir drink bottle, if the restaurant accepts online meal deals, and if alcohol is served. We will also begin adding which restaurants support mobile ordering once those details are released by Six Flags. The main Dining page also displays the current Dining Pass availability hours.

The link to our Dining page can be found under the “Plan & Explore” tab within the main navigation.

Clicking on Restaurant/Food Location Links

Clicking on a specific food location’s image or title, such as All American Cafe, will lead you to a new page that provides a plethora of important information. As on the Dining page, visitors are greeted with an “Information” tab that points out important aspects of said food location. We even provide information regarding that restaurant’s seating options. We know that, depending on heat or other weather, it is important to pick the right seating arrangement for your family or group. Want to know if a location serves Dining Pass Meals, Dining Pass Snacks, or both? That information is now also readily available. The red and blue “fork and knife” symbols are important to note as they are used as indicators for menu items’ Dining Pass availability.

“Information” tabs are accurately displayed for each food location.

“Information” tabs are accurately displayed for each food location.

The “About” section on restaurant pages features location information and more.

The “About” section on restaurant pages features location information and more.

Location & Dining Pass Hours

Another function that has been missing from SFOT Source is an accurate listing of the park’s current Dining Pass hours. Why is this important? Dining Pass hours change depending on the time of year. For instance, the Dining Pass hours during summer months may be different than Dining Pass hours during Holiday in the Park. Dining Pass hours are also provided on the main Dining page for those who are looking for quick information.

Menu Items

Each restaurant page gives you a look at most, if not all, dining options that are available at said location. We’ve even narrowed these options down to what kinds of fries are served! The most important aspect of the “Menu Items” section is the usage of the red and blue “fork and knife” icons. These are your indicators of Dining Pass options. A blue icon means that the selection is available as a Dining Pass Meal. A red icon means that the selection is available as a Dining Pass Snack. Any additional charges are also labeled. These mean that the item costs either a Dining Pass Meal or Snack PLUS the dollar amount shown. What is the significance of the color choices? In-park menu boards use the color blue to indicate meals and red to indicate snacks. All 2019 Dining Pass options have been updated!

A look at the 2019 menu for    Newman’s Cafe    in the Tower section.

A look at the 2019 menu for Newman’s Cafe in the Tower section.

A look at images from Ma Hunkel’s Famous Chicken and the page’s comments section.

Media & Discussion

Each food location page features an area of images to show our visitors how a restaurant is laid out. It is important to see how a food location’s seating setup is laid out and what is involved with the ordering process. Each restaurant page also features a ratings and discussion section. Page visitors can decide how they feel about a restaurant and also leave comments. Comments are a vital tool to help with the accuracy of information on our dining pages. It also gives visitors a chance to ask questions or spark discussion with others about the specified dining location.

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