Park-Wide Construction Updates, Image Additions, & Introducing Show Schedules


We've added a few brand new images to our Dining and Shops pages as the brand new food and merchandise options begin to open up around the park. Other various updates on the Dining pages include changes in menu items and other restaurant attributes (Dining Pass acceptance, etc). Our latest construction update also takes a quick look at Harley Quinn Spinsanity progress as well as the progress on Oil Derrick's new paint job.

New image additions:


- Park-Wide Updates (March 23rd, 2018)


- Coaster Candy

- Looney Tunes Mall


- Looney Candy

- Texas Tacos

In an effort to keep our Live Shows page as comprehensive as possible we are now posting schedules for all of the live entertainment at Six Flags Over Texas. These times are for options that we feel qualify as live shows at the park.

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