Past Attractions Page Revamped, More In-Depth History Features Coming Soon

A look at SFOT Source from summer of 2007.

A look at SFOT Source from summer of 2007.


The Most Comprehensive

SFOT Source originally began in 2005 with the intention of providing the most comprehensive information of Six Flags Over Texas on the internet. Back then we were the only website with full event guides, in-depth ride information, and a year-to-year history timeline. The original SFOT Source ended up shutting down in early 2008. Fortunately, after 8 years of downtime, SFOT Source came back bigger and better than ever. SFOT Source is the perfect mix of the most updated current park information and a comprehensive look at the park’s historical past.

As we continue to build our Six Flags Over Texas guide we are excited to announce the revamp of our Past Attractions page. The layout is much easier to navigate and also provides more imagery, video, and information of the park’s past attractions than before. Why stop there? Over the next handful of months we will begin to provide more historical park information at SFOT Source. Individual pages for past attractions will begin to pop up on our Past Attractions page to give our visitors a more in-depth look at the park’s history. Many unique pieces of history have come and gone at Six Flags Over Texas and we certainly want to provide this great information for you.

Building on the Park’s Historical Details

We recently reached our two-year anniversary of SFOT Source returning to the internet. During that time we have been able to obtain thousands of current and historical photos of the park, provide a full year-to-year historical timeline of the park, a collection of park maps from past seasons, and even restart our fantastic Six Flags Over Texas Then & Now series that originally began on the first inception of SFOT Source. Many of these great offerings can be found under the “Features” navigation tab at the top of the page. We encourage you to check out many of these great historical features by clicking on the thumbnails below.

What else is coming? We have hundreds of photos from our past website that include attractions, park areas, entertainment offerings, dining, shops, and much more. Over the next few months you can expect these to pop up all over the website and we will make sure to update everyone of the changes. A number of attractions that existed between 2005 and 2008 are now defunct. These will be the first extended pages that will pop up on our Past Attractions page with the help of information from our first website. Once this is complete it is our goal to move deeper into history on the park’s more impactful past attractions.

A look at one of our in-depth restaurant pages.

A look at one of our in-depth restaurant pages.


The “Now”

With all this focus on the past it is important to note that we continue to bring the most comprehensive, updated information for Six Flags Over Texas on the internet. Visitors of the website can find individual pages for each attraction at the park, a full list of in-park dining options with menus and restaurant information, a look at the park’s full shopping line-up, an incredibly useful Visit Planner tool, and much more. We’ve even linked up with a brand new smart phone app called LogRide to help provide information about the park. Have you checked out some of these great tools yet? You can quickly jump to them by following the links below:

Let’s Hear From You

Our guide is intended to help you with your knowledge of the park. We also hope you find our website as a useful tool for planning future visits. Is there anything else you’d like to see on SFOT Source that we aren’t already working on? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.