Website Design Changes, Photo Additions


We've worked through a plethora of changes to our website design. All rides pages, restaurant pages, shop pages, image gallery pages, and park area pages have undergone a bit of a refresh to their design and layout. We hope you enjoy these changes and also have optimized these pages to be even more uniform and descriptive in mobile view.

We have also created dedicated pages for all performance venues in the park so that more information could be made available for each. We will add additional information, including historical aspects, to these pages as time goes on. To check out these new pages check out our Live Shows page.

A handful of brand new images have been added to various areas of the website. Image additions include:

- Casa de Six Flags

- Judge Roy Scream

- La Vibora

- New Texas Giant

- Oil Derrick

- Shock Wave

- Superman: Tower of Power

- Texas SkyScreamer

- Titan


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