50+ Photo Additions & More


We have added a ton of photo additions from our most recent visit to the park. Also note that the Aquaman Dippin' Dots stand has been replaced and expanded. We also added the Thrills-a-Popp'n stand that is located near the entrance of Judge Roy Scream to our Dining page.

Here is a list of pages we have added brand new photos to this week:

Park Areas

  • Boomtown

  • Gotham City

  • Mexico

  • Old South

  • Texas

  • USA


  • Chaparral Antique Cars

  • El Sombrero

  • Mr. Freeze

  • New Texas Giant

  • Oil Derrick

  • The Riddler Revenge

  • Roaring Rapids

  • Texas SkyScreamer

  • Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure


  • Crazy Horse Saloon


  • Aquaman Dippin' Dots

  • Casa de las Banderas

  • JB's Smokehouse BBQ

  • Mr. Freeze Snacks

  • Thrills-a-Popp'n


  • Casa de Six Flags

  • Indian Village Trading Post

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