New Photo Additions

Many new photos from various areas of the park have been added to the site. A few rides that were lacking media have been given a little love. We also added many more dining photos and are focusing on photos of the eating areas for each location. A few more Holiday in the Park photos have also been added. Here is a list of places, rides, and events that we have added photos to:

- Boot Scootin'

- Casa de las Banderas

- Chaparral Antique Cars

- David Blackburn Southern Palace Theatre

- Dippin' Dots Sundaes

- E.G. Sugarwater's

- El Sombrero

- Go Fresh Cafe

- Guest Relations (Added to USA page.)

- Holiday in the Park 2016

- JB's Smokehouse BBQ

- Lone Star Theatre

- Looney Tunes Mall

- Panda Express

- Primo's Pizzeria

- Rancho de Pollo

- Roaring Rapids (Fun images of the frozen waterfall sign.)

- Runaway Mountain

- Texas Depot

- Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure

If there are particular photos you would like to see on the website then please feel free to contact us.

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