Tons of Image Additions


We have added many brand new photos including over 50 for this year's Holiday in the Park. We also have a new photo gallery for one of the park's holiday shows, All I Want for Christmas. There are also many photo additions for the Park Areas pages as well as a few rides, restaurants, and live show venues. A construction photo update for The Joker has also been added, though this is talked about under our Park News section. Enjoy!

- Holiday in the Park.

- The show All I Want for Christmas.

- The Joker Construction (11/20/2016) photos.

- Park areas with new photos: USA, Boomtown, Texas, Old South & France, Mexico & Spain, and Gotham City.

- Rides with new photos: New Texas Giant, Judge Roy Scream and Batwing.

- Restaurants with new photos: Looney Candy

- New photos of these venues: Music Mill Amphitheater, Texas Arena, and Majestic Theatre.