Holiday in the Park 2016 Guide, FAQ


We are excited to announce that our in-depth Holiday in the Park Guide for this season's event is now officially open on our website. This guide provides information regarding live shows, other entertainment, specialty foods, tips, media, an interactive map, and more. Please stay tuned as we will be making many updates to the guide as it comes closer to the event and more information is released. Holiday in the Park begins on November 19th so make sure you plan your visit. Click HERE to directly access the Holiday in the Park Guide. We have also updated ride closures for Holiday in the Park, based off of previous operating seasons, on our home page.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has been populated with many more questions regarding the park and website. We have also added a question submission form on that page so that if there is a question you'd like answered then we can answer it for you. The idea is to grow the FAQ page over time with visitor-asked questions. Click HERE to directly access the FAQ page.

We do not want to unveil our plans just yet, but we are working on a new feature to help with planning visits to the park. Stay tuned for more information!