Then & Now: Series One is Here, Website Updates

Ice Cream Palace Early Year Unknown.jpg

Then & Now - Series One is officially here! We feature five separate areas of interest in this series, including Silver Star Mall, Old South, France, the Ice Cream Parlor, and the Historical Press Bookshop. We plan on releasing more series as time goes on. If there is a particular section or attraction you would like us to focus on in the upcoming series then please visit the Contact Us page and let us know. To view Series One, please click HERE.

Below are numerous website updates and content additions:

- Past Attractions: We have recently published a comprehensive list of all past attractions that used to call Six Flags Over Texas home. This is located under the Attractions menu list. Click HERE to view past attractions.

- New Design: Though we are still following with the same formula, the website has gone through some minor modifications in the design. The color scheme and site content is intended to flow more smoothly. The site will also now fit to any screen resolution without any distortion or organization issues.

- Image Galleries: We have added a brand new Image Galleries page that will include galleries from park events, live shows, construction updates, etc. All images for rides, dining, and shops will stay exclusive to their specific pages. New image galleries include: Arania's Nightmare 2016, Final Freak Out 2016, and a bunch of brand new photos from this season's Fright Fest.

- Mobile Issues: We were experiencing some mobile compatibility issues, especially with our News & Updates stories. All has been corrected and all pages will flow smoothly in mobile form.

- Holiday in the Park Guide: We are currently working diligently on a Holiday in the Park guide for this season's event. We have a bunch of information already and will release soon once we have more park-confirmed information.