48 Inches
Lapbar/Seatbelt Restraints
High Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Opened: April 22nd, 2011
Ride Type: Hybrid Coaster
Ride Height: 153 Feet
Drop Height: 147 Feet
Maximum Speed: 65 MPH
Ride Length: 4,200 Feet
Trains: 3
Cars Per Train: 6
Passengers Per Car: 4
Manufacturer: RMC
Train Manufacturer: Gerstlaurer
Track Color: Red
Support Color: Non-Painted

Texas Giant is built at a cost of $5.5 million & is the tallest and fastest wooden coaster at time of opening.
The Texas Giant ride structure includes 900,000 feet of lumber, 1,200 concrete piers, 10 tons of nails, & 81,270 bolts.

Texas Giant receives new air gates and the transfer track is reconstructed.

New Texas Giant undergoes a major face lift and becomes a hybrid roller coaster with a new layout, new trains, steel track and wooden supports.

Golden Ticket Awards

Though Texas Giant opened in 1990, it remained popular throughout the whole decade. In both 1998 and 1999, Texas Giant won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Wooden Coaster. Unfortunately, the coaster experienced a ratings decline through the 2000s.


In 2011, after the extensive construction into a hybrid coaster, New Texas Giant took top honors once more by winning Best New Ride.

Becoming a Hybrid Giant

On November 1st, 2009, the original Texas Giant closed in preparations for it's renovation into a hybrid roller coaster. Throughout the 2010 season, extensive construction took place for the ride's reopening in 2011.

Though Texas Giant was the tallest wooden coaster in the world when it opened, Rocky Mountain Construction designed the lift hill to increase by 10 more feet.

New Texas Giant was given many intense elements. The first drop was steepened to 79 degrees and the rest of the layout also features many overbanked turns ranging from 90 to 115 degrees.

The popularity and success of the New Texas Giant has prompted a widespread addition of hybrid roller coasters in many theme parks.

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