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Hey Mr. DJ: Technicolor Beat

Playing in Southern Palace Theatre, this all-new production features an impressive technical package along with hits from Elvis Presley, Madonna, Bruno Mars, & more. Ends August 12th.

Miss Ruby's

Miss Ruby's Wild West Cabaret

Playing in Crazy Horse Saloon: Does Miss Ruby keep ownership of her cabaret? Join the cast in this saloon-style show as they perform many past and present Western hits. Ends August 12th.


Texas Justice

Line up in the streets of Texas around the Court House Stage to witness the laughter and excitement of Texas Justice. This comedy-driven show takes guests back to the days of the Wild West where anything goes.

PLEASE NOTE: This show schedule is subject to change due to weather, technical difficulties, changes in the park's operating schedule, etc. Please contact the main park for all up-to-date details on show scheduling.

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