General Information
42 Inches
Lapbar Restraints
Medium Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Ride Statistics
Ride/Attraction Type: Bobsled
Track Type: Steel
Opened: 1986
Highest Point: 60 Feet
Ride Length: 1490 Feet
Maximum Speed: 32 MPH
Number of Trains: 6
Number of Cars Per Train: 1
Passengers Per Car: 6
Manufacturer: Intamin AG
Ride Colors: Yellow, Red, Black Track & Green Supports

Ride History
• Installed as Avalanche Bobsled at Six Flags Over Texas, coming from Six Flags Magic Mountain.

• Renamed from Avalanche Bobsled to La Vibora.
• La Vibora receives paint job: yellow track & green supports.

• La Vibora receives paint job: yellow, red, black track & green supports.

Sarajevo Bobsleds to Avalanche Bobsled

This ride opened up at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1984 as Sarajevo Bobsleds. However, as part of the ride rotation program that the Six Flags chain was operating in the 1980s, it was moved to Six Flags Over Texas only one year later.

In 1985, the ride officially opened at Six Flags Over Texas as Avalanche Bobsled, sporting the same light blue paint scheme from it's season at Magic Mountain.

In 1995, the ride was repainted and renamed to fully embrace it's Spain location within the park.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Guests may find that on a rainy day La Vibora will not operate. Actually, the ride will not operate with even the slightest amount of moisture in the trough.

Due to La Vibora's method of travel, it is unsafe to operate the ride in wet conditions.

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