General Information
42 Inches
Lapbar/Seatbelt Restraints
Medium Thrill

Ride Statistics
Ride/Attraction Type: Out-And-Back
Track Type: Wood
Opened: March 1st, 1980
Highest Point: 71 Feet
Highest Drop: 65 Feet
Ride Length: 2,670 Feet
Maximum Speed: 53 MPH
Number of Trains: 2
Number of Cars Per Train: 4
Passengers Per Car: 6
Designer: Bill Cobb
Train Manufacturer: PTC
Ride Colors: White Track & Supports

Ride History
• Judge Roy Scream trains are run backwards.

• AstroWorld's Texas Cyclone PTC Trains are stripped down and made into 2 new trains.
• Judge Roy Scream trains receive individual lap bars.

• Judge Roy Scream undergoes major retracking and receives a new paint job with white track and white supports.
• The white train of Judge Roy Scream is completely rebuilt.

• A large portion of Judge Roy Scream, especially the second hill, is re-tracked during the off-season.
  An early look at Judge Roy Scream.

The Coaster Ride-a-Thon

In 2006, as part of the park's 45th anniversary celebration, Six Flags Over Texas hosted a ride-a-thon in which 16 contestants had to ride Judge Roy Scream for a total of 45 hours straight (with some breaks, of course).

10 contestants ended up winning the event, which included winnings of $450, all expenses paid trips, season passes, and Flash Passes for future use.

Each hour, contestants typically experienced about 18 laps around the ride's track.

In the end, the grand total of travel was 555 laps or 260.68 miles.


Outside of the Park

One unique feature about the Judge Roy Scream is that it is actually found a ways outside of the main park itself.

Riders must actually take a tunnel under the park's 6 lanes entrance to enter the queue line before arriving at the station.

The ride itself travels out and back down the side of a pond that is located on the outskirts of the park.

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