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• Opened: 1983

• Type: Chance Yo-Yo

• Riders Per Swing: 1

• Ride Manufacturer: Chance Rides

• Ride Colors: Silver & Tan 

Ride History


• Texas Tornado is relocated to Boomtown, leaving Goodtimes Square. 


• Texas Tornado is repainted with tan and silver colors and is renamed as Gunslinger. 

• The guns that circle the base of Gunslinger are originally from the defunct Six Flags AstroWorld.

Did You Know?

Identity Changes

Gunslinger has gone through a few different transformations and location changes over the year. When it opened, Gunslinger called Goodtimes Square home. In 1989, to make room for Flashback! (now the location of The Riddler Revenge), the ride was moved into the Boomtown section of the park.

In 2006, Six Flags Over Texas inherited some large gun props from the closed AstroWorld park in Houston, TX. The park made great use of these, putting them around the base of Gunslinger. The ride was repainted and renamed during this transformation.

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