General Information
Low Thrill

Ride Statistics
Opened: 1992
Ride Type: Floating Dark Ride

Ride History
• Spee-Lunker Cave is removed and Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure is installed in its place.

Spee-Lunker Cave

Spee-Lunker Cave was a dark ride attraction that existed in Gold River Adventure's current building from 1964 through 1991. The ride consisted of various scenes of Spee-Lunkers participating in random activities. Though the ride had no storyline it was easily a guest favorite.

The unique part of the ride were the Spee-Lunkers themselves. The Spee-Lunkers were exclusive to Six Flags Over Texas and are still talked about regularly today. Six Flags Over Texas has teased Spee-Lunker activity even posting Spee-Lunker signs throughout the current Gold River Adventure layout.

Spee-Lunker fans have gone as far as starting online petitions in an effort to bring the Spee-Lunker's cave back some day.

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